Mirfield Riverside Project

The Mirfield Riverside Project is an exciting venture supported and initiated by Mirfield Town Council. Focussed on cleaning up the section of the River Calder running through Mirfield, the project involves channel maintenance, volunteer days and community events to improve the biodiversity and social value of the river.

The first year of work includes focussed efforts over the winter months to extract man-made material from the channel, removal of low hanging branches and fallen trees snf ongoing management of invasive non-native species such as Japanese knotweed. This will increase the natural capacity of the channel, help regulate water flow, increase biodiversity and manage the ongoing build-up of litter. This cumulative effect of multiple small-scale interventions is an innovative stewardship programme and does not cover any capital works. Already there is a visible improvement to sections around Newgate Bridge and beyond, with work in early November seeing over 5 tons of obstructive timber removed from the channel.

The accompanying programme of community engagement will aim to reconnect the local community with the River Calder. Regular and inclusive volunteer days will tackle key areas of litter build-up whilst a programme of one-off events will focus on celebrating the river’s cultural and wildlife heritage and will feature citizen science activities, wildlife walks and art events. Delivered alongside local groups and partners, these will begin with a drop-in Community Day at Mirfield Library on 23rd November aimed at recruiting eager volunteers. The first volunteer litter-pick, based at Newgate Bridge, will run on 20th November. Members of the public and interested community groups alike are all invited to attend.

To find out more about volunteering on the Mirfield Riverside Project and any latest events, get in touch today!