treated giant hogweed

Invasive Non-Native Species Management

We are highly experienced in delivering treatment and survey programmes for Japanese knotweed, Giant Hogweed, Floating Pennywort, Himalayan balsam and other invasive species, from entire river catchments to domestic gardens.


The presence of invasive, non-native plant species may result in flooding, erosion, habitat loss and damage to the structural integrity of built structures. We offer a wide range of sustainable, cost-effective management solutions to land managers, riparian landowners, developers and home owners.

Our services include:

  • Herbicidal treatment – stem injection, spraying from a knapsack or boat, weed wiping and stump treatment
  • Japanese knotweed management plans and insurance-backed guarantees for property-owners
  • Onsite burial
  • Mechanical screening
  • Excavation and disposal

Our status as a Property Care Association (PCA) contractor and framework contractor for the Environment Agency is testament to the high quality work we deliver.

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Case Study

Invasive Non-Native Species Management - Environment Agency

We have just finished delivering one of the largest catchment-scale invasive non-native species management projects in the country on behalf of the Environment Agency...

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