Embracing Water

Water is a valuable resource for wildlife - either in habitats for specialist species or by providing a refreshing drink for garden visitors. Can you make space for water in your garden?

Give wildlife a home by...

...building a pond

A pond is the best thing you can do for wildlife. It can be any shape or size for a frog to call it home - even a burried washing up bowl will do! Here some great tips from the RSPB for any kind of wildlife pond.

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Help wildlife thrive by...

...providing water

Add a splash of water when it's hot and all kinds of wildlife will thank you, from birds to bees. Here are some tips from Welcome Wildlife.

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Help both people and wildlife by...

...using water wisely

It's easy to leave a hosepipe running, but water is one of our greatest resources that needs looking after. Here, The Guardian gives some useful tips on saving water in the garden.

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