Watch Your Waste

We can all do our bit to prevent the build up of waste in our rivers and streams. Can you make any of these positive changes?

Beat the block by...

...banishing wet wipes!

Companies' claims of wet wipes being 'flushable' officially don't hold up. All wipes contain plastic, and as a result, cause hundreds of blockages and kill wildlife. Can you kick the habit? Thames21 have some great tips here.

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Reduce your carbon footprint by...

...reducing plastic use

Most plastics end up in our waterways, and we can learn to live without it. You can make a big difference by following these simple tips from Greenpeace.

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Fight rubbish with.... individual litter pick

Litterpicking is really rewarding - it helps the environment, improves our surroundings, lifts our mood and helps others. Providing you follow government guidelines, you can still litterpick on your own or with household members during daily exercise by joining the great trend of 'plogging'. Helping Hand have some great supplies to get you started.

Start Litterpicking!

We hope you've managed to make some positive changes and help our rivers! Head back to the landing page for more ideas to connect with our waterways.

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