Learn Who's Who

Identifying the plants and animals in our rivers, greenspaces and gardens can be educational, rewarding and challenging! Why not brush up on your species knowledge?

Learn bird calls with...

...the British Library

Who's that singing in your garden? If you open you're ears, you'll be surprised just how many species are twittering out of sight. We love these 10 favourite bird calls from the British Library. Check out the robin, wren and blackbird!

Get Twittering!
Identify your favourite flower with...


Wildflowers are wonderful, and they're everywhere you look! From a crack in the pavement to a shaded woodland floor, flowers take on all shapes, sizes and colours. We love going on a flower hunt with these easy seasonal ID sheets from Plantlife. There are more resources below.

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Identify trees easily with....

...the Woodland Trust

Trees are just starting to come into leaf, and it's a great time to learn what species are around us. You can find many varieties in your garden, local park or woodland and lining the street. Why not use this handy Tree ID app from the Woodland Trust on your daily walk?

Start IDing!

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