What is Riverlution?

Enhancing Waterways. Connecting Communities.
Riverlution is a social impact initiative delivered by River Stewardship Company which engages volunteers, communities and schools, delivering skills and support so they can get involved in enhancing their local waterways. This doesn’t just contribute to the environmental legacy we strive for – it creates lasting connections between people and places that matter to them.

Developing skills and enhancing employment opportunities

We provide a number of opportunities for people to gain work experience, skills and knowledge through the work that we do.

Involving individuals and groups in the stewarding of waterways

Practical volunteer days are a fantastic way to involve local people in looking after their patch of waterway, whilst having a positive effect on health and well-being.

KINCA, kelham island and neepsend community alliance

Supporting communities and organisations to enhance their own environment

We aim to help others to look after their local patch of waterway. This can be through simply providing advice to homeowners or supporting community groups with tools and training.

Using festivals and events to educate and inspire

Festivals and events are a brilliant way to celebrate the cultural and natural heritage of a waterway and to inspire, educate and connect local people to their local patch.

Case Study

The Blue Loop Community Project

The Blue Loop Community project is an example of Riverlution at it's finest! The group is run by members of the local community and delivers social impact across all the key areas represented by Riverlution.

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