Woodland Thinning - Staffordshire Wildlife Trust

In March 2019, River Stewardship Company carried out vital thinning works across 3 woodlands as part of the SUNRISE Project for Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

The SUNRISE projects aims to create better habitats for wildlife both within the River Trent watercourse itself and along the adjoining river bank. The teams spent a total of 4 weeks working in 3 woodlands: Thistleberry Parkway, Bunny Hill Woodland, and Lyme Valley Parkway.

The primary objective of this work was to increase the age and structural diversity of the woodland. Trees were carefully selected for removal to create a more balanced species composition and to favor healthier, native species.

Thinning out woodland allows more light to reach the forest floor resulting in an increase in floral diversity. It also reduces competition resulting in healthier, more robust mature trees and creates a safer woodland for the public to enjoy.

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