Future Opportunities

We may not be able to do everything now, but it's a great time to seek out future opportunities. From planning your next trip to signing up to volunteer on our rivers, there's something for everyone.

Help improve our rivers by...


Our volunteering sessions may be on hold, but we're raring to get going again! In the future there'll be plenty of opportunities, from river clean-ups to species ID courses - why not sign up below to hear more?

Volunteer With Us
Pick up a new hobby with...

...wild swimming

Looking for a new hobby that can only be described as refreshingly invigorating?! Why not try wild swimming? Once restrictions are lifted, you can join a local group, such as Sheffield's Outdoor Plungers (SOUP), by following the link below.

Take The Plunge!
Join like-minded people through...

...Friends Of Groups

If you're passionate about a green space, it's likely others are too. Why not search for your local 'Friends Of' group to volunteer or join wildlife sessions, or even better, form your own? There are links and advice from Sheffield City Council below.

Find A Group

Looking ahead can be exciting and we hope to see you in the future. Head back to the landing page for more ideas to connect with our waterways.

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