Be A Citizen Scientist

No matter what your skill level, you can contribute to cutting edge research by taking part in citizen science projects all over the world. Here are some local ones to get you started.

Help spot Sheffield's river wildlife with...

...Revealing Rivers

Revealing Rivers is our exciting new project filming the hidden wildlife of Sheffield's urban rivers. Our network of video cameras is capturing everything from moorhens to otters, and we need you to tell us what you see!

Get Spotting!
Explore bird colour with...

...Project Plumage

Project Plumage is a collaboration between the Natural History Society and The University Of Sheffield. Can you help them answer key questions about bird evolution by telling them about the colour of birds?

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Help study climate change with...

...Nature's Calendar

Nature's Calendar is all about recording events to help study the effects of climate change on nature. From the first swallow to the last swift, they want to know what you've spotted and when.

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